Together we protect and restore globally important forests 

Wild Forests and Fauna targets efforts in areas that have the highest global impact. Intact forests are considered the “last of the best” forests in the world based on their role in protecting watersheds, sheltering the world’s biodiversity, and sequestering carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

We work directly with communities and local leaders on the front lines of globally threatened forests with the following approach:

PROTECT – Direct conservation practices like land acquisitions and ecotourism, as well as long-term efforts such as education and capacity building.

RESTORE – Holistic interventions that reforest the land while developing sustainable economies and maintaining the culture of local communities.

SUPPORT – Identify promising leaders and support their conservation goals through business development, financing and project management.

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The Coronavirus Is Spreading Through Indigenous Communities In The Amazon,

NPR | June 12, 2020.

7.7 Million Young People Are Unemployed. We Need a New ‘Tree Army

New York Times | May 18, 2020
Nearly 7.7 million American workers younger than 30 are now unemployed and three million dropped out of the labor force in the past month. Combined that’s nearly one in three young workers, by far the highest rate since the country started tracking unemployment by age in 1948.

Death of elders to COVID-19 cause irreparable loss in Amazon communities

Latin Dispatch, June 9, 2020:

Alessandra Korap’s voice breaks when she lists five Munduruku indigenous elders living along the Tapajós River, a tributary of the Amazon. Between 9 May and 2 June, Angélico Yori (aged 76), Raimundo Dace (70), Jerônimo Manhuary (86), Vicente Saw Munduruku (71), and Amâncio Ikon Munduruku (59) died — all victims of COVID-19.