Sowing Native Seeds as a Path to Resilience

Wise Women, Uganda

We’re proud of the work that the Native Seeds project has done. To donate directly to Native Seeds, visit their Global Giving page.

Community Makes Conservation

Group at the Las Piedras Amazon Center

Involving people in conservation and development at LPAC   The vision behind LPAC was to build a place in the Peruvian Amazon where people would come to study and connect with the incredible rainforest ecosystem while supporting the protection and sustainable development of the local region. Run by our Peruvian partners ARCAmazon, LPAC is a model for sustainable development in a very special area of Madre de Dios: the Las…

El viaje de una Innovadora: desde el Amazonas Peruano a un ‘Fulbright’ en la Florida

Tania Romero Bautista in the Amazon

También puedes leer este articulo en ingles. Durante el mes de enero del presente año la Red Innova visitó con entusiasmo la región Madre de Dios, los jóvenes participantes desde entonces han puesto en marcha sus ideas en esta región del Perú. Tania Romero Bautista, una de las primeras innovadoras que se unió al programa desde sus inicios, se encuentra estudiando como becaria Fulbright un master en desarrollo sostenible en…

The Story of our World

Wise Women, Uganda

This is the story of our world: For the first time ever, more than half of all people live in cities. Cities are simply something that didn’t exist for most of the human era – indeed, what we now mean by city has scarcely existed for a hundred years. For the first time ever, most humans live within a landscape that was constructed almost entirely by and for humans. And…

Catching up with Tania Romero Bautista

Tania Romero Bautista in the Amazon

How a first-year Future Leader made her way from the Peruvian Amazon to a Fulbright in Florida You can also read this article in Spanish. Since our Future Leaders Summit back in January our participants, or innovadores as they call themselves, have been spreading their ideas and vision throughout Madre de Dios. I caught up with Tania Romero Bautista, who joined us in the first year of the program and…

Mother, farmer, agent of change

Oromo's sons helping with the harvest

Hi all, I’d like to introduce you to someone. Her name is Oromo Jenet. She is a mother of seven, and she makes her modest living as a farmer and traditional healer, growing crops for subsistence and providing health care and healing to her community. She is at once both gentle and fierce: gentle, with a smile that immediately washes away any preoccupations running through your mind, and fierce, with…

Future Leaders Summit 4: Why Place Matters

Varun Giving a Tropical Ecology Talk in the Forest

This is the 4th post in our Future Leaders Summit 4 series. Read the previous posts: 1. Future Leaders Summit 4: Growing the Network 2. Future Leaders Summit 4: Hopes and Dreams 3. Future Leaders Summit 4: Wilder than Ever! Inspiring environmental action by connecting innovators with nature We believe that knowing a place is a powerful means of connecting individuals and communities to each other. Place-based learning is transformative,…

Greening Africa: The Practice and Purpose of Sowing Native Seeds

Lincoln Ocaya, the Forestry Program Manager for Wild Forests and Fauna’s Native Seeds Project, at one of our native species nurseries in Gulu District, Uganda

We often think of landscapes as stagnant and unchanging. Covering vast terrain and spanning many countries, the Sahara Desert seems immutable and eternal, yet its boundaries shift like extremely slow-moving tides. This process of fluctuation is natural but has been profoundly influenced by humankind. In the face of growing public awareness of climate change, there have been recent efforts to re-green Sub-Saharan Africa and to halt the long-term trend of…

Are YOU the Next WildFF Board Member?

WildFF’s Future Leaders Program in Madre de Dios, Peru

Wild Forests and Fauna (WildFF) is an international nonprofit based in Seattle, Washington committed to protecting and restoring globally important forests. Our vital work is growing beyond the executive board’s capacity and thus we are seeking professionals of all interests and backgrounds to join the fun and advance the cause. We are specifically seeking professionals with experience in project management, nonprofit development, and communications. We desire applicants who are committed…

Future Leaders Summit 4: Wilder than Ever!

Community along the Las Piedras River

This is the 3rd post in our Future Leaders Summit 4 series. Read the previous posts: 1. Future Leaders Summit 4: Growing the Network 2. Future Leaders Summit 4: Hopes and Dreams Our 4th Future Leaders Summit was a great success, better and wilder than ever before! This was the first year that the Future Leaders Program was able to directly collaborate with ARCAmazon & LPAC, situated in the heart…