Group at Food Forest under Giant Tree

We’d like to share with you just a few of the thank you letters that we’ve received from our 2016 Future Leaders. These are small reminders that we are making big differences in their future paths. To know that we are inspiring young people to envision Madre de Dios as a sustainable place they want to live and create is a win for forest conservation!

We wanted to share their appreciation to all our supporters who made Future Leaders 2016 happen.

Thank you!

*Letters Translated from Future Leaders 2016 Puerto Maldonado, Peru, at the Refugio

“I am writing from the Refugio Amazonas where I learned a lot to be able to continue forward with my personal projects and those projects that are oriented towards developing the area that I live in, Madre de Dios. „Madre de Dios is a region that has a complicated socioeconomic and en- vironmental situation. Nevertheless, I firmly believe that there is hope to improve, grow, and develop our region. That is the reason that we (I) am here. We believe in our dreams. Your help is so important because it is changing our lives.”    

-Vanessa Soto, Future Leaders 2016

Group Exploring Tambopata River

“Thank you for your support! I learned a lot about what is happening in our world and going forward from today I will be able to take advantage of my natural resources in sustainable ways. In this way I can contribute my little grain of sand to mitigate climate change. Thank you for bringing me the opportunity to participate and be part of Future Leaders.”

-Yulissa, Future Leaders 2016

Participants Growing their Personal Networks