Future Leaders Summit 4: Growing the Network

This is the 1st post in our Future Leaders Summit 4 series.

We are currently preparing for our 4th Summit (an exciting time here at WildFF!), which will take place on January 7-13, 2017 at the Las Piedras Amazon Center. This year’s rainforest retreat is set in a gorgeous concession secured by WildFF and our partner ARCAmazon. It is the perfect setting for our summit, as participants can witness first-hand a successful sustainable business and hub of research and ecotourism.

Much more can be achieved as a team than alone. Future Leaders was created with the intention to unite young people from the local communities of Madre de Dios to make their collective vision of sustainable development a reality. By establishing a local network of like-minded young people, we hope to build the skills and capacity within this unique, biodiversity hotspot in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon, home to many endangered species such as the jaguar and the giant armadillo. Our vision, and that of our program participants, is to live and work with nature instead of by extracting and destroying all of it, and to bring balance to this rich landscape, which is currently under threat from logging and mining. But don’t just take our word for it! Check out what our Future Leaders had to say about our most recent summit.

This is the 1st post in our Future Leaders Summit 4 series. Read the following posts:

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Joanna Trewern

Joanna Trewern

Communications Intern 2016-present

Joanna is half English, half Spanish, and is a recent graduate from Oxford University’s School of Geography & the Environment, where she studied an MSc in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management. She believes it’s important not just to protect biodiversity, but to make this goal relevant and beneficial to local people in order to ensure lasting success. She fell in love with the Amazon Rainforest after a visit to Peru in 2015, where she stayed for a year volunteering in wildlife rehabilitation centres (even though she was only meant to stay for two months!). In her free time she enjoys activities that allow her to be in nature, like hiking and longboarding.

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