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Exciting news—our Indiegogo campaign for Future Leaders 2016 has launched! We are psyched to return to the Madre de Dios region in Peru for a third straight year. Over the last two years, WFF members, along with local educators, have led a sustainable business and leadership program for aspiring young leaders in the Peruvian Amazon. Our ultimate goal has been to help these leaders materialize their ideas to create sustainable business options that actually work with the environment instead of destroying it.

While we have already secured lodging, food, and local transportation for our 15 participants this March, we are fundraising an additional $15,000 for program operations, instructional supplies, stipends, travel expenses, and advertising.

Please check out our page on Indiegogo and help us reach our goal! Your contribution to this campaign will enable bright and hopeful Peruvians gain the skills and opportunities necessary to help secure the future of this region’s incredible forests and wildlife.

Your support is much appreciated and we have some fun campaign perks as a thank you for your generosity!