JITT Rack Card PreviewWild Forests and Fauna is proud to partner with the producers, artists and hosts at Pisgah Brewing Company for Jam in the Trees taking place August 26th and 27th in Asheville, NC!

*Featuring The Wood Brothers, The Del McCoury Band, Junior Brown, Willie Watson, Chatham County Line and more!

WildFF envisions a world where the planet’s wildlife and wild forests are protected, ensuring widespread benefits for current and future generations. We hold this at our core and we work toward this vision with communities through place-based projects to protect threatened forests and species.

Research continues to strongly support the importance of big trees in mitigating climate change, regulating the continual growth of forests, and providing habitat for many species. The livelihood of ecosystems largely depend on these important species. Whether they be the giant sequoias of coast redwoods of California, the ironwood or mahogany of Peru, the baobabs of Africa, or the oaks and chestnuts of Appalachia, big trees are invaluable to life and spirit, carrying meaning for both individuals and cultures alike. Yet, these tree species are becoming increasingly threatened by pressures of development, resource extraction and climate change. The rate of extraction of the oldest and largest trees is taking a toll on many ecosystems as these important species disappear at an alarming rate.


BigTreeProject_Poster_v2Big Tree Project: We are actively developing a big tree mapping and surveillance system to enhance researchand tools for future conservation efforts, while also launching a reforestation initiative focused on big tree species facing local extinction. Additionally, we are launching an outreach and social media campaign to educate & inspire the public about the value of big trees.

Our goal is three-fold: to increase the tools available to protect existing big trees, to restore big trees to forests where they have been depleted, and to place big trees and the threats they face in the national dialogue and mainstream media to raise awareness both globally and among local communities.


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