Energy Supplier Backs Youth Leadership Program in Conjunction with Local Peruvian University UNAMAD

New York, NY — (ReleaseWire) — 04/05/2016 –As a clean energy advocate, the team at Kiwi Energy understands the importance of making an investment now for tomorrow. Their efforts to build a better future for the world are seen in numerous efforts, including their support of Wild Forests & Fauna, and more specifically their Future Leaders Program. March 2016 marked the 3rd Future Leaders workshop, hosted in the Amazon rainforest. Future Leaders is a multi-year youth leadership program that provides aspiring young individuals with skills in sustainable business, innovation, and leadership. In this way Kiwi Energy is helping to build a better future.


Each year the workshops for the program have had different elements. The first year, 16 young leaders were introduced to principles in sustainability and ecology, business modeling, and idea generation. That workshop culminated in a business case competition – ultimately the winning team went on to found a bicycle ecotourism company in Madre de Dios, Peru.

The second year, new and past participants focused more on idea generation by using IDEO’s human centered design approach to visioning. At the end of the workshop, the 18 participants presented their vision of a sustainable Madre de Dios region in 2050. Currently the region’s forests are threatened by illegal gold mining and logging. Ecotourism is one of the main drivers of environmental conservation in the Madre de Dios Amazon region.

The latest workshop included a partnership with the local Peruvian university (UNAMAD) and a prominent ecotourism company in the region. Wild Forests & Fauna (WFF) supports and develops place-based organizations, projects, and individuals that share their mission to protect and restore threatened forests and species. Based out of Seattle, Washington, WFF works around the world to ensure that the planet’s forests and wildlife are protected and thriving for current and future generations.


Richard Booth, President of Retail Operations at Kiwi Energy, spoke about the workshop and what it means to all parties “The Future Leaders program is rewarding, and beneficial for the WFF mission and of course the students themselves.” He continued, saying “We at Kiwi Energy are proud to partner with such a respected organization dedicated to youth environmental education, who have the ability to shape the future of our planet.”

About Kiwi Energy
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