Native Seeds Team Returns to Uganda

WildFF’s Native Seeds team has landed in Uganda for our second phase of restoration and capacity building with our partners, the Wise Women, Mon Ma Ryek of Gulu. Right after landing on the ground in early October, our team had face-to-face meetings with agency and partner organizations in Kampala before rerouting to the Gulu community. This was a warm reunion that began with dancing, music and reconnecting with loved ones in the community. The native tree nurseries are flourishing, the Wise Women are establishing a solid foundation as an organization and this vibrant land is alive with excitement. Check out the video below to meet the team, to see what’s new in Gulu, and to get inspired!

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Benjamin Colvin

Benjamin Colvin

Ben is a tireless advocate and leader with a background in wilderness leadership, wildlife and forest conservation and environmental education. He has a MS in Environmental Studies from the University of Montana and is the current President of the Asheville Downtown Association Board of Directors and Mountain Wild! chapter of NWF. Ben brings enthusiasm and passion to WFF flowing from his love of hiking the forests, paddling the rivers and rambling the mountains from Alabama to Montana to his home in Asheville, NC.

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